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Wedding Planning Considerations

 Financing the Wedding:

   Financing the wedding depends on a lot of factors:

        Do you have a large family?

        Can your families afford to help with cost?

        Do you have any savings?

        Do you have a realistic idea of the wedding costs before approaching people for 


        How many people do you need to invite, want to invite and are not sure about 

              about, create three lists.

        What is the most important aspect about the wedding for you?  The ceremony, 

             reception, or honeymoon?

        Try to divide the costs at a high level and list out your expectations for each.  You

             can then divide your  costs by those percentages.  For instance, 15% for the

             ceremony, 55% for the reception, and 30% for the honeymoon. 


Who to invite: approach by doing your budget first?


         Factors affecting your invitations can be about your budget, but they can also be about not excluding people. You will face some tough decisions as you form you’re A, B and C list.   You may want to over invite by 10 to 15 percent of your total as everyone may not attend or just invite the number you have decided on and if it reduces to 150 people to 135, so be it. 


Decorations that are personalized:


        Create you wedding atmosphere by bringing your interests and personality into your wedding.  That might include photography shots that are very family oriented, have a certain quality about them, or maybe black and white photos, creatively colored to accent features of the photo.


         Some people enjoy skiing, boating, golf, hiking or travel and those themes can be reflected through decorations, careful weaving of ceremony text, mentioned again during the toast or viewed in the table decorations.


          Themes can also be about the ocean, a favorite holiday, creating an atmosphere with use of props and color.


Bringing two families together:


          Try to find time to see your families often. If possible, though you may be at a distance, communicate with your families frequently.  Send them photographs of each other’s family members. Send a letter to each other’s families talking about various family members, their hobbies, interesting traits, or poignant memories.  Use picture badges as place cards with something interesting about each person to start table conversations.  Knowing more about each other would help the conversation to flow.  Include your families in the excitement of the planning.  Yes, it is hard to keep everyone happy, but you will do well if you keep people informed and make them feel included.  Your marriage is also a huge change in the family dynamics and all should feel welcomed by both of you into the family of the other.


         Sometimes family relations are stressed due to divorce, but that should not exclude people from attendance or from being given an opportunity to handle the situation gracefully.  Do try to inform all parties of what will be occurring and the part they will play.  Do not expect divorced parents do to things that are uncomfortable for them.  Ask first and gain consent…this is respectful to all and the rules will give all comfort in knowing they can handle the day without sadness or confrontation.  You must firmly assert that all attending will be on good behavior and that you will consider everyone’s feeling and compromise where needed.  You are right, it is only one day, even if it is yours, it is better to be gracious and not compromise future relations with your families, including sisters, brothers, children, friends and all the people you love.


        You many also want to plan little ceremonies as you try to bring two families together especially if children will become step siblings.  Consider the children’s age to the appropriateness of the ceremony.  For instance, very young children joining hands with parents and saying: we are now a family and lighting a candle or launching some balloons may be symbolic enough for a young child.


       Let us not forget, weddings are about the hope of new families forming!


On saying Thank You and being gracious:


   Thanking your parents: (don’t skip this one)

         “We would like to acknowledge thanks to our parents,

for whom we are eternally grateful.”


   Thanking guests and friends:

“Thank you for sharing our day, Holly and I

need you more than ever in our lives now.”


   Thanking the bridal party:

           “Thanks to our bridal party…we know it hasn’t been easy ….your being a part of this wedding has been so special to us.”


   Thanking your new spouse:

            “For my loving spouse, thank you for making me that special person in your life.  You are my best friend!”


Best Wishes from Windsor Weddings ! 






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