For Sensational Weddings, Hire a Wedding Planner!

Why Hire a Wedding Planner?
What can a wedding planner do for me? Isn’t a wedding planner expensive? These are the most common and most important questions people have about wedding planners and are the topic for the following information.

How much time to do you have to plan your wedding?

You work a full day and want to be with your future spouse on the weekends. Where will you find time to do all the phone calling, vendor comparisons, shopping, and estimates? If you are one-year out from your wedding day, plan on working one or two days a week on your planning effort, the equivalent of a part-time job.

Are you good at generating ideas and solving problems?

Once you arrive in your gown you become the star of your wedding. You are no longer in a position to control of the wedding. There will be no time for you to solve last minute problems, coordinate the wedding party, music and officiant. At the reception, you will be in the receiving line or having photos taken. Then, you must greet all your guests. Who will get the guests seated and tell the caterer that you are ready to have the food served? What if the band or DJ arrive late and are still setting up equipment? You have given them music but they play other music? The end of the day will come but will you be happy or stressed with the results?

Are you talented in finding themes and presenting an overall, coordinated look for your wedding?

Every bride has a vision of her wedding but whether through lack of time or artistic ability, theme, vision and attention to detail becomes impossible if not carefully thought out in advance. The wedding day should be an execution of the "Plan", with no surprises,

So why not hire a wedding planner?

Your wedding will be one of the most important events in your life. Your wedding day should be all about the love between two people shared with friends and family. Your wedding should not be about the stress of making everything come together or being in charge of the party with no time for guests. A good wedding planner makes sure the events of your day include quality, professional people who work hard, yet enjoy their work as well as do a great job. A wedding planner can make sure everything from your wedding ceremony, food, pictures, ceremony, music, decorations, and more are exactly as you want them to be.

What will a wedding planner do?

A wedding planner can do as little as make recommendations and appointments for you with quality service providers to handle every last detail from start to finish.  A wedding planner can be a tremendous help with preplanning and on the wedding day itself.

For example, a wedding planner can create themes, timelines, budgets, organize the wedding party, manage vendors, from negotiation of price through performing of tasks. Guests will be greeted, seated and receive special attention, if needed. A wedding planner can handle some or all details from the ceremony until the end of your wedding day. Your planner will make sure nothing is left to chance, that your vendors are paid and you have had the party you always dreamed about.

Isn’t a wedding planner expensive?

Good wedding planners pay for themselves. An established wedding planner will have strong relationships with quality service providers. These relationships allow a wedding planner to offer you services at rates that are lower than rates you would get if you called the service providers yourself. I have vendors bid on services to keep them competitive. So, not only do you get quality service at a great rate but you also get someone to handle the coordination of the services.

Take the work out of wedding planning and make your wedding day one of total enjoyment, dedicated to you and your new spouse, surrounded by the love of family and friends.

Contact me to discuss your plans and service options, whether it be for a specific task or coordination on the day of the wedding.

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