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Ceremonies and Vows
      During our first meeting, I will provide you with guidance in creating your

      wedding ceremony so that you will begin to think about your relationship and

      the blueprint and vision you intend to commit to before your family and friends.

      I will help you to understand the structure of the ceremony and prepare you

      at your rehearsal so that you will feel confident as you say your "I do." 

      If you are wise, you will use this vow writing process with your intended as an

      occasion to deepen your relationship, to work through any conflicts that might

      arise, to appreciate each others various talents and to create something that is

      a reflection of your marriage.

      Marriage is more than the wedding day, it is a vote of confidence in your

      partnership and a willingness to put your time on this earth into another human

      being,  to create a new and larger circle of your love that includes both your

      present  family members and possible future children.

     To be married means we belong to each other, that we will not walk our life

      alone, and that we will contribute to receive so as we may grow together into the


      I will facilitate a discussion to help you refine your ceremony vision and 

      inspire your thoughts to symbolize what you want your marriage to be.

     Creating the ceremony and vows is one of the most meaningful tasks you will

     experience in planning your wedding.





  Ceremony and Vows







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